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Pubg mobile official
The official PlayRankNoman mobile batteries will play for free anywhere, anytime. PUBG MOBILE offers the most free playback on many mobile devices. Find, prepare and compete. Survive the most interesting ancient battles with 100 players, load mode, quick 4m4 team deathmatch and zombie mode. The original and final victory to survive. Shoot as much as you want when you call it action! Free Mobile - Powered by Real Motor. Amazing HD graphics and 3D sound. It has customized mobile control, training mode and voice chat. Training the fastest mobile behavior control and thematic dance floor exercises. Numerous battle maps - from Arangel to Miramar, Sanhok weekend size, location, day / night shifts, alternative air battles and suitable battlefields - Tanzara snow from towns, dense forest ahead to control everyone’s privacy. Develop your strategic vision to win on the battlefield. Depth and variety - a fun mode for 4 players in Team Mode 4V4 to keep the zombie action alive with classic up to quick gameplay. Kana ra! It’s all there. Play non, doubles and 4 players. Throw your device wherever you want! Become a werewolf soldier or play with a tribe and answer emergency calls if you need help! FPS (first person shooter) and TPS (third person shooter) provide a lot of real -world territories and vehicles in the game. Travel right and go to the final round! Rise-Daily Events, Challenges and Monthly Updates PUBG MOBILE provides features and events for growing and evolving games. Our powerful and serious cheat system provides a balanced and balanced gameplay where everyone can play according to the rules * Recommended system requirements for Pub Mobile: Android 5.1.1 or later and at least 2 GB of memory. You can use PUBG MOBILE LITE for other devices

Easy but more fun!
PUBG MOBILE LITE uses Unreal Engine 4 and is based on the original PUBG MOBILE to create color -style action games in 10 minutes or less. Only 600MB of free space and 1GB of RAM are required for normal game activity. 1. Mobile Light in Pub
The 60 players landed on a rich island 2km x 2km and lived on a narrow battlefield. Find weapons, vehicles and equipment for combat. Prepare the ground for the last time! Warehouse: A great battle between 4 and 4 with unlimited action for exciting matches!
HD graphics and sound Unreal Motor 4 wide screen HD creates weird and amazing real map games.Collaboration
Invite your friends to play a voice chat and make a good strategy. Renew your allies to battle and fight for tribal power Encourage the new map of Karakina to land on an exciting and colorful battlefield

Pubg Korean (kr)

PUBG MOBILE (KR) is a Korean brand of PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS Happy Place.In this game you can play as a guest or sign up with Facebook, Twitter or a Google account.In this game you can take part in ‘Battle Royale’, where 100 real opponents will compete in closed spaces, up to one.To achieve your goal, you need to move on when choosing the smartest tools, remembering that you are in the arena, which will continue to grow in just a few minutes.In PUBG MOBILE (KR) you can get everything from the original version of PUBG.Power steering is a good old-fashioned and similar thing in the things and games you play that you can connect with.You can enter the house, jump in cars, install glasses, use preparation, climb walls and much more.Use the customization settings to change the chart as much as you can.You can also change the control buttons and turn them off on the steering wheel. PUBG MOBILE (KR) is a successful version of PLAYERUNKNOWN original BATTLEGROUNDS games, which gives you the opportunity to enjoy a variety of games: individually or in groups. When you play the game, you can talk to your friends using the microphone on your device

Pubg Beta
The main difference between these and the ads is that here you can test the shape of the game in front of someone else.Obviously, you have to provide power, but it is necessary.In the game you can join 100 people online Battle Royale against other players.You have a locked card with only one player at the end.To play, you have to go anywhere to get supplies, plus equipment and much more.The secrecy decreases with each passing moment.

Find other versions of PUBG MOBILE BETA, plus 4-to-4 “Dead Tribe”, the way you fight terrorists in Zombies is another way to drive. Various vehicles. Obviously, all versions of this game will be available before this beta.You can also adjust your payment method by using the options.This means that you can customize your experience according to the capabilities of your phone.You can change the control parameters while driving or walking.PUBG MOBILE BETA is a great adaptation of PLAYERUNKNOWN’s original BATTLEGROUNDS.You can enjoy multiplayer games, where the strongest color is not available.As an added bonus, if you choose a team, you can chat with your friends in the game to streamline your movement through the microphone on your smartphone.
EvoZone mixes game features and integrates all game characters.New genres have now been added, such as Survive the Night.New methods will be added later.Dark Night, a new game change, changes the concept of the game.This time you will not miss the flight.Instead, you will appear on the same card and must survive the entire Zombies team for three nights while competing with all the other players.Your main goal is to make your team successful.There are some changes in Survive the Night: changes in existing weapons, new zombies (jumping zombies, zombie dogs and more) and some of them can climb walls.There is only one problem with PUBG mobile Android worldwide: the game world remains stagnant after months of new Asian games.Instead, more and more people are choosing to play in those Asian countries.Thankfully, Tencent and Blue Studio seem to be aware of this and have just released a new beta that slows down time and more.Now we finally have the opportunity to hear the truth There is an incomplete list of hidden changes to consider

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