Why My PUBG Mobile Account Banned

1.. if you try to use hack

2. login with 3rd party unathorized App

3. play teamup with enemies

In the update, PUBG Mobile announced the closure of 16,994 accounts due to fraud and other reasons. …and according to the agreement, PUBG Mobile will enter Sports and collect 1,110,842 entries.

Most of these warnings are not applicable to Auto Scoring Fees and X-ray Sites.In order to avoid deception, they check the behavior of the players in the game.Once the system is open, offenders will be penalized in the game.Use gaming tools Use for third-party applications, not for participation in games or sharing information about users. 3.Aon does not suggest ways to modify information, such as: garbage collection or changing the type of garbage in the game.

4.Use non-basketball players to play basketball.Publishing information on fraudulent games or illegal or illegal websites could result in loss or loss of money by fraudulent users.

6.Play football games and cheat teams. 7.Use a non-refundable payment method to return a UC.

8. Play other games.Also, log in to PUBG Mobile from the Google Play Store / Store or other stores to download the latest games.Unsupported / unsatisfied users are those who complain that the player is not paid and that you are making money.If the breach affects the game and the rights of another player when your account is opened, the fines will be applied to your account no matter who uses it.We recommend that you do not share your credit with other players so that the block is not affected.

Last week, the game banned more than 1.4 million people from cheating and stealing during games to make more money than other players.In its most important antimonopoly report, PUBG Mobile said it was 2.4 percent higher than last week’s revenue.As before, most accounts are committed to using technology and most accounts are from the same category.

The latest information on fraud, which closed on April 16-22, closed PUBG Mobile’s 1,498,738 accounts to participate in the game.This is a larger number than last week, which means there is no limit to the number of games you can try using strategy and deception in the game.PUBG Mobile has a policy that prohibits the use of other tape recorders that are not harmful to other users but harmful to students.In addition, Stone missed the game.According to the report, PUBG Mobile reported that 39% of all revenues came from local copper, followed by 12% from diamonds.Once you receive the money order, you will be charged 11%.Overall, 10 percent of the ads came from the White House.Office heat is 9 percent, and Ace is 7 percent.Also, the minimum access to the account is small and the winnings are 1%.To find out why these warnings are blocked, 25% of them recommend using Auto-Hacks Hacks, the third most common scam to replace enemy rifles.

There are also some scams, such as X-ray Site and Quick Hacks, which are 24 percent and 23 percent, respectively.12% of all subjects were found to have improved their assets to increase their assets, and 7% received a behavioral change model.The remaining 9% came from small books.PUBG Mobile took to Twitter to promote fraud.However, in the game, many users say that their debts are small.

My account has been suspended. Nothing bad.”Pubg users don’t use criminals, but that’s true.” Most of these customers have a paid PUBG Mobile with a closed account.I don’t know how accurate this answer is, but there will be promises and strategies like deception in the game.

What will PUBG money buy? They decided to call once.This means that a lot of people are playing right now, including cheating on China.Owners or hackers use a tool or advertising program to harm others, and these practices also claim that TenS (inventor PGG) uses the tool to attack fraud.
Deception can be used for anything, anything, anything, anything, anything, there are a lot of tools to deceive chickens on gambling nights, but it is simple to catch PUBG if a group idea asks players for compensation. Our best advice to you is “Don’t lie”.It was easy to call, but it didn’t take long.Why is your PUBG account closed? If you use unencrypted software or software, your account may be blocked.If you access your game from another non-hacking application, your account will be closed if the application changes user information.

Please note that while there is no specific piracy program, there are other programs or activities that violate our code of conduct.- Software that sells gaming services – game changer (although not to be fooled) – Information about games or services, research, etc.Tracking program – other games, macros, etc. Deceive.Still violating gaming services for PUBGs.We do not disclose specific details / reasons for the ban. For the above reasons, we do not prohibit accounts that violate the terms of the Services.The news that more than 2 million PUBG mobile accounts will be blocked by the end of 2020 has caused considerable confusion.This movement is called “Pan Pan”.

So far, messages used by third-party hackers to enter the game include “Violated Mobile User Agreement” or “Your Account Will Be Closed for PUBG Mobile Violation”: Some of these rights increase low productivity, others increase the regulation of the game. Usually distorted X-ray image, using the hacker Auto-Aim Speed Speed hacker is used.This third party is against fair play policy.Some of the most serious violations have been suspended for 10 to 100 years. Oh, liar.Payments were distributed to all levels of the game.From the main bronze to the top of the stairs to the diamond.Fraud and fractures.A player who receives the message “PUBG is banned for no reason” believes that this is not an unfair action for the player.The third program is to avoid fraud or fractures in the SPIRIT.

With LIFE hackers.Second, don’t contact pirates, gang assassins, or members who believe in each other.While you can say you are not using the limited discount, you may have the right to cancel your account.You can avoid paying too much for the mistakes of others.Recurring vendors seek to improve their platforms to provide a better user experience.Therefore, if you violate its rules, the ban is very widespread.

They try to protect their programs from hackers and scammers; Here we go.But if your account is locked, there is no way to recover it.However, you can always contact the PUBG authority to block your account.You can only do this if you think you are clean. They are not involved in piracy, fraud or anything else.

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