How To use app lock.How to use valut app How to protect personal and multiple data.

Applecar: It is a smart application that provides anti-blocking function.Disable App Blocking: Smart App Lock, Security Lock, and Security Lock.Power off the device and close the application.Get the best lock and become a phone manager and sales manager: Apple Lock.It is a great anti-theft tool.Security lock: AppleCar allows you to access apps, calls and entertainment including Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapshot, Messenger and more.This key hides the viewer from interference. Keep a note.The lock app now has AppleCar, a personal security app that is used to protect your privacy.Supervise yourself Close the application and save the image.Supports finger lock in cloud.This application supports 50 songs in 1.45 languages in 50 countries / regions.With your fingerprint-like password, you can delete apps that block Facebook, WhatsApp, Gallery, Messenger, Instant, Instagram, block access and keep it private.Make sure it’s okay.Photos and videos can be stored in a single block.Images and videos are excluded from the playlist and only appear in videos and video clips.Quickly collect damaged items.Of course, Apple has a flat-screen wireless system without a zip.You do not have to worry about service or type.Apple B Security Tip: Don’t worry about your parents, see the article. do not get upset.Now you don’t have to bother to get your phone back.Neo hippies spread their global scent.If you close the app and send the wrong message you may get a refund.-Survey-1) How do I change my password.How can I disable this application?Update it at the end and follow the next 4 steps to open the password.Click on the function, home screen and enter the mode.Play volleyball on your phone. 4.Navigation Open the link in your browser.Close the app: Close the app and save your photos and videos, no one can copy the conversation.Applications can block Gallery, SMS, Contacts, Gmail, Applications, Contacts and other required applications.Apple’s informal prevention and control offers a variety of locking options such as password lock, lock and finger lock.Select the system to be removed.Put your logo so that others can see your photos and videos.Find your phone without application support.Theme: You can customize the design and content of add-ons to your liking.If you have fingerprints from Samsung or Android Marshmallow, use the Fingerprint Sensor app.The latest visual effects are displayed on the screen to prevent music from playing on your device.Criminals do not immediately go to the chain lock.Safety Information Always read this booklet for your safety. Read and review.Click to remove spam filter without strong notice.Screen lock Use the screen switch and key to prevent access to your phone.The purpose of life is to define life.Logs are always written on time.You can download it through your private browser’s location and a blocked link.Other features * Close and install the app so others can download it as a gift.Click Change Settings to avoid phone errors. It can be faster.* A safe and secure locking application requiring high fire risk.* Digital lock: quick and easy control and support Key lock time * 3G, 4G, WiFi, Bluetooth, etc. data.Example: To activate a query, drag it to the home screen. – BH-1.How do I save the code first?Open App -> Big Data Check B (or Lock App -> Reset PIN >> Confirm PIN Note: Android 5.0 and above -> Applet -> Allow app to use app permissions.Reset Password 3 How should I do it.When someone calls you, your phone number will appear in your inbox.
Powerful and safe and secure With Appalachian Theme, Appalachian Aurora Password is a secret and preventive application, Apple’s app or Appalachian template saves and preserves beautiful Aurora theme like Appalachian theme, then free app and photos with Appalachian files. The Everlock theme protects your privacy with the Aurora Application Lock feature.It can help you block apps, store photos and videos, block files, and more.Apple Aurora protects the privacy of your phone.Uplock privacy, photo and video security, intruders, fake locks and more privacy protection.By selecting Apple Aurora, you can block applications that suspect your password.
           Choose AppLock Aurora, you won’t have to worry about privacy
           To add the beautiful Aurora theme as background to the Lock app, select Apple Aurora
           Choose the Aurora Application Lock theme to block apps, games and photos, store in


Special features of Appalachian Cloud Reservation: Book your photos and videos in the cloud, so don’t miss them.Data Transfer: With an integrated cloud backup service between different devices, data can be easily transferred to a new phone.Password Recovery: Forgot your password?Create the correct email address in the database Hide messages Enabling this feature enables AppLock Lock application blocks.Use stop watch You can set AppLock to shut down for a while.Amy Atani G.If you enter the wrong password 5 times, a high alert alarm will sound.You can select a photo from the venue
Limited Other advanced Alerts, Internet The application has been optimized for battery and RAM usage.Double link type code The locking system is unique and powerful.Frequently Asked Questions How can I avoid being unlocked in the application?First, block all important requests.Therefore In response to the secret response, the camera image was already in Lee’s gallerly
To protect yourself from unwanted guests, you can close Facebook, WhatsApp, galleries, new apps, settings or other apps.Close your photo gallery to protect your photos and videos rest Use another fingerprint or fingerprint to set up a project.Close the application To close the application key and close the application, go to the application settings.Time lock After a few minutes [1-60] you can turn off the function when the screen is off.Simple and beautiful user interface The interface is nice and simple so you can do the color of the lock screen changes depending on the function of the lock, so the feeling of Close this message To unlock an application, open the application lock settings and click Stop / Remove. Clean the keyboard Functional lock screens You can change accessories to keep your PIN secure.Hide the round You can protect your applications by hiding the product path using the application key.Turns off newly installed programs automatically Application lock allows you to lock the application without installing it.Save the fire Apple drains the battery and uses less memory.The lock locks automatically when the gear is restarted When the phone restarts, Apple Auto restarts.- – Common questions – – How do I install the program in my project?To enable device management, go to Settings and click Install / Stop.You can not delete or force this project.Open the Applock and Lock Gallery so no one can see your photos and videos.First open the application and remove it from the device manager on the settings page.Apple requires fewer operating licenses Important for another app: Apple uses this permission to paint the lock screen at the top of the lock feature.Login: Applock uses this right to determine if the lock application is open.This application uses the privileges of the driver.Use this permission to prevent other programs from being installed and to keep content completely stored.Internet: Applock uses Internet permissions to collect risk reports to ensure the best user experience.If someone tries to open a password that is locked with an incorrect password, the app will take a picture of the front camera and display The last lock You can now lock the app screen so no one can see your latest content. Cultural environment Some programs use different combinations of lock modes with different legs or patterns.

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