How to use Cx file manager

File management program with a clean and easy file management interface Cx File Explorer is a powerful file manager with a clear and deep interface.With this ,file management software, you can quickly view and manage files on mobile devices, computers, and cloud storage devices such as your computer.Advanced users have features they don’t want to add.You can control the visual analysis of the archives used for the archives used on mobile devices.Easy-to-use interface allows you to browse, remember, copy, copy, rename, delete, create Using files in the cloud: You can organize files in the cloud.File Storage (NAS): You can access external or shared archives such as FTP, FTPS, SFTP, SMB, WebDAV, and LAN.You can use FTP (File Transfer Protocol) from your computer to your mobile phone.Application Management: You can try be there manage applications installed on your mobile device.Storage Management and Analysis: Six File Researchers provides visual storage analysis that allows you to quickly manage and manage your existing storage space.Material Design Interface: Cx File Explorer uses a metal design interface.Cloud integration file management software is fast and easy.Easily manage your NAS, network storage and cloud storage.Once you open the app, you can see the number of files and apps on your device at the same time.
MP3 files and calls
Program Director
  Install the program and follow the application archives     Phone management
    * Warehouse Manager: File Manager saves movie (OTG) to USB memory stick , transfers files, shares and files.Cloud Researcher File Manager and File Manager: Drag and drop Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive.External file management for Android transfer
Audio player: Listen and manage MP3s, music, and bells with File Manager.

 Application management and storage Software and memory cleaning Log in to Google Drive and Google Store, Dropbox and Wi-Fi Shared Wi-Fi With Wi-Fi File Transfer, this free file manager and explorer uses Wi-Fi files to transfer files to the Internet and other computers.Users can access any file, including apps, videos, music, photos and more.Can be downloaded because there are no restrictions on file size or format.  Very fastSupports all file management issues (open, browse, browse, copy and paste libraries, copy, delete, restore, minimize, delete, copy, download, mark and edit). Supports multimedia files and large formats, including the File Manager Plus APP.The configuration and features of the main file manager are as follows Downloads / Photos / Audio / Video / Documents / New Files: Files and folders are automatically sorted by type and function, making it easy to find what Applications: View and manage Cloud / Remote: You can access cloud and external / shared archives such as NAS and FTP servers.    (Cloud storage: Google Drive 7, OneDrive, Dropbox, Box and Yan use your computer: You can download the Android device from your computer and manage your local Android device files using FTP (File Transfer Protocol). Storage Analysis: You can analyze local archives to sort unnecessary files.Built-in image player / music device / built-in text editor – built-in utilities can be used for better and faster display.MI File Manager is a free and powerful tool for file management security.My File Manager is a free and reliable tool that allows you to quickly find files, organize them easily, and share them offline.It can support advanced B features like Quick Search, Copy, Delete, Open and Share, and Name, Copy, Paste and Paste.The MI File Manager defines many files, including music, videos, photos, documents, APKs, and zip files.Delete: Clear the cache and unnecessary files and create free space by yourself.Drop me: You can share files with close friends without internet connection.You can upgrade your device with some b.No more buses and idols.Ketchup pain kit.Clear system cache and application cache and free disk space.Clean Application Cleanup – Create an APK for your cleanup software Delete Delete the remaining loop from the program that has been deleted.Download File Explorer Smart Library from the Internet, Bluetooth devices, photos, photos, videos, movies, sounds, music, documents (PDF, XL, PPL, etc.),Image Search Automated File Finder searches for files on the internal memory and SD card in seconds.Users can search for files by categories, photos, music, videos, apps and more.CPU CPU cools the processor by detecting and disabling programs that can increase the heat transfer temperature.Quick Help speeds up idle processes, removes unnecessary applications running in the background, and saves battery power.Check for virus protection and security manually installed programs, memory card contents, and new applications.The latest technology to protect against viruses, advertisements, malware and more.Outroot Explorer allows users to view, edit, copy, paste and delete files from the DG section of the phone for development purposes.

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