How to use Cx File Manager

  • * File Management Software CX File Explorer is a powerful file manager with a clean and simple file management interface.With this file management software you can quickly view and manage files on mobile devices, computers and cloud storage devices.Like your computer.It has features that advanced users do not want to add.Used storage on mobile devices can manage image analysis.An easy-to-use interface allows you to browse, remember, copy, copy, rename, delete, create and create files in the cloud: you can manage files in the cloud.File Storage (NAS) – You can access external or shared folders such as FTP, FTPS, SFT, SMB, WebDAV and LAN.You can use FTP (File Transfer Protocol) from your computer to your mobile phone.Manage apps You can manage apps installed on your mobile device.Storage Management and Analysis: Provides visual support to help six file researchers work faster.Manage and manage your existing storage space.Structural Interface: The Cx file browser uses a metal interface.Cloud file management software is fast and easy.Easily manage NAS, network memory and cloud storage.When you open the app, you can see the number of files and apps on your device at the same time.
    MP3 files and calls
    Program Director
    Install the app and monitor the phone management app caches
    * Storage Manager: The file manager saves the OTG movie to Cloud Explorer File Manager and File Manager Drag and drop Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive.External Android File Transfer Management Audio Player: Listen and control MP3, music and devices using MP3 manager. Manage apps and storage applications by transferring WiFi files from Google Drive and providing free Wi-Fi manager and global file transfer in Google Store, Dropbox and Wi-Fi Wi-Fi files and other computers ፡ users users and videos You can access any file, including music, photos, and more. It can be downloaded because there are no restrictions on file size or format. Supports all file management issues (Optimize, browse, browse, copy and paste library, copy, delete, restore, shorten, shorten, delete, copy, download, bookmark and edit) ፡ Supports multimedia files and large format . Large file manager configurations and features such as downloads / photos / audio / video / documents / new files: files and folders are automatically categorized by type and function, so apps are easy to find Cloud / Remote and Manage: Access to cloud and external folders NAS servers and FTP sharing. (Cloud Storage: Google Drive 7, OneDrive, Dropbox, Box and Side PC) You can download an Android device to your computer and local Android device using the FTP file transfer protocol. (Musical Instrument) Built-in text editor – Create internal resources for better and faster presentation.Mii File Manager is a free and powerful file management tool that allows you to work quickly with free and secure files. Access, manage and easily support files such as quick search, copy, delete, open and share, and support offline functions, name, copy, paste and paste; The file manager can display multiple files, including music, videos, photos, docks. Delete zip files: Delete unsaved and unwanted files and make room for yourself.Leave: You can share files with close friends.You can update your device using another b.No photos without internet connection.Check Cache Pack – Clear system cache and app cache and free disk space.Cleanup App Cleaner – Create an APK for your cleaning software that removes the entire system area.Removed from Internet Explorer, Bluetooth Devices, Photos, Pictures, Videos, Movies, Movies, Sounds, Music, Documents (PDF, XL, PLP, etc.) Download File Explorer Smart Library, I -Image Search Auto -Discover file search files.Internal memory and SD card in seconds.Users can search for files by user categories, photos, music, videos, apps and more.The CPU-cooled CPU detects and shuts down programs that can increase the heat transfer rate., Eliminates unnecessary background programs and saves battery power.Check for installed software, memory card content, and new software to protect against viruses.Latest technologies that protect against viruses, ads, malware, and more.Outroot Explorer allows users to view, edit, copy, paste, and delete files to update the digital part of the phone.

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